Cat Clinics – Tuesday 1 – 2pm and Thursday 11 – 12pm

We are pleased to announce as of 1st January 2017 we have introduced  Cat Only Clinics.  This offers appointment times for cat owners to bring their pet into the surgery without the added stress of a busy waiting room or sitting next to a barking dog.
These clinics are currently offered on Tuesday 1 – 2pm and Thursday 11 – 12pm

November 2016 Newsletter

Cat Clinics

In the New Year we are introducing cat only clinics for those cats who don’t like sitting in the waiting room with our noisy doggy patients!

Initially these will be on Tuesday afternoons from 1-2pm and Thursday mornings 11-12pm.

We hope your cats will enjoy the peaceful environment of our cat friendly clinic.

To book an appointment please call 01642 710234.

July 2016 Newsletter

Introducing Laser Therapy

We are delighted that we can now offer laser therapy to our patients. This non-invasive treatment uses infra-red light technology to help reduce pain and inflammation and speed wound healing. It is therefore suitable for a wide range of conditions including:

  • Arthritis
  • Post-surgical or traumatic wounds
  • Skin or ear complaints
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • And many more!

This treatment is also suitable for many equine lameness problems or injuries. The therapy is relaxing and non-painful and can be completed by a vet or nurse during a routine appointment. It can be used alone or alongside conventional treatments for painful conditions.

Meet Maisey

Meet Maisey, as you can see from the pictures she has had an amazing transformation over the past few weeks. Maisey came to us with a Tetanus infection which causes crippling muscle spasms and in severe cases it can even prevent breathing muscles from working. Luckily Maisey’s infection was caught in time for us to nurse her back to full health over a few weeks. Initially Maisey was unable to stand, eat or drink and required round-the-clock care. She was a perfect patient and although her movements we limited she always tried to nuzzle in for a fuss or wag her tail. To see her gradually regain normal functions was heart-warming for everyone involved. She is now doing brilliantly under the excellent care of her owners and we all look forward to cuddles when she comes to pay us a visit. We would all like to say well done Maisey for such a remarkable recovery!’